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How to Care For Your Bamboo Blinds

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Just as beauty and comfort are factors that you would consider while choosing blinds, another very important aspect you must consider is maintenance. Buying blinds that are cost friendly are good for a budgeted purchase but a low maintenance blind is an added bonus.

As bamboo thrives in water, there are two basic procedures for cleaning bamboo blinds that make them look as good as new without damaging them in any way. The 2 procedures are:-

1) Dry method this method is for those who like to clean or dust the blinds on a daily basis. Vacuuming is also a good choice. In this method, you must clean the bamboo blinds by dusting it with a clean and soft cloth or feather duster. This helps remove the dust particles from the blind slats. If you wish to use a vacuum cleaner, select the special attachment which is the soft brush to prevent scratches on the bamboo wood. This will also remove cobwebs. If this method is selected, you must dust regularly, every four to five days.

2) Wet method in the case of mildew, dusting will not be effective. Washing the blinds is the only method that will make the blinds look as good as new. A collection of dirt and cobwebs that cannot be removed by dusting will also require undergoing the wet method. In this method, a bathtub or a washing tub in which the bamboo blinds will comfortably fit, you must fill hot water. Use an oil soap product which is safe for wood in water. Add the product according to the instructions given on the package. You can also use bleach mixture or vinegar. Put the blinds in the hot water and soak it for several minutes or till the grime can be removed with ease by using a washcloth or a soft sponge.

Gently scrub till all the excess dirt is removed. Once the slats are completely clean, remove them from the tub and place them on a clean, dry towel. Refill the tub with warm water and rinse the bamboo blinds to remove excess soap. Dry the blinds in a well-ventilated place by handing them or placing them on fresh, clean towels. It must dry under direct sunlight for at least twenty minutes. If you follow this method, you will need to clean it once a month or as per requirement.

Maintenance that is not taxing is a blessing for many people today as we barely have time to relax. When keeping a house clean is made easy, it is encouraging to maintain a good house. RSVP now and see how beautiful bamboo blinds singapore can transform your home without the high maintenance.

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Blackout Curtains Maintains your Privacy

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The concept of blackout curtains came into effect during the Nazi regime. They were used in homes to ensure that they were free from attack as they limited any sign of light from within. Today, these curtains are of extreme importance to give you privacy from nosey parkers around the home. Aside from this basic fact, here are a couple of reasons why it makes sense to order blackout curtains from Singapore.


Keeping the harmful glare of the sun away from you is very imperative. In fact, it also works in keeping your valuables free from extremities. People who work night shifts feel the heat (literally) of the sun peeking in while they try to get some sleep. Using blackout curtains keeps that room cozy pretty much like it is night ensuring that the hard worker gets his sleep without being awake because of the glare.

Keeps out the Cold

Winters can get icy and if you are not prepared for the season, or do not have a heater, this is the best way to keep out the icy cold. Curtains that have adequate padding ensure that you do not have to wear warm clothing all the time, at home. You can cozy up feeling secure that you can relax and continue doing things around the house without feeling the cold in your bones!

Aesthetic Appeal

Blackout curtains are not necessarily boring in appearance . In fact, you can get them in different shades to keep the home and hearth look nifty. Visit the website to view multiple choices. The curtains repel water and have pleasing colors and textures to suit your temperament. The company also has dim out curtains that dim out the glare without eliminating natural lighting completely.

Large Windows

Using curtains to block out light and to maintain your privacy is necessary when you have large windows. Blackout curtains are hung in the normal way as regular curtains. It is necessary to make sure that the material on the top stops any sign of sunlight from streaming in anytime. The rod must have adequate material so that the sides of the curtain cover every aspect of the window in its entirety.

Simply Said

There are varieties of reasons why it makes sense to opt for these curtains. Make sure, however, that the material is not made of vinyl or PVC as it can cause serious health risks. Stick with something that is made of natural fiber like bamboo or cotton.

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