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Is cosmetic surgery a the solution for maintaining youth?

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Time does not wait for anyone. That is why everyone says time flies. As years pass by, we keep getting old. But despite our age, almost everyone of us wants to look younger than our calendar age. Thanks to the advancements that have been taking place in the field of health and wellness, you now have a number of singapore aesthetic and anti-aging clinics .

Similarly, you now have a number of ways including oxygen facial in Singapore to achieve the aim of getting back your youthful looks. Even among the ways that are available, cosmetic surgery is considered one of the best solutions because it can effectively bring about the results you want. Let us now dig a little deeper and find out what steps you must take so the procedure you undergo will be the magic solution that can help you maintain young looks.

1. Remember the concept of “reverse engineering” when you visit a competent cosmetic surgeon. This means that when you have the initial discussions with the surgeon, your focus should be to clearly convey to the surgeon what your expectations are. This will help him work back and decide what procedure he must carry out to get you the results you want to have.

That is the reason you are suggested to take with you a few of your photos. Your images in the photographs should show you with the best looks or with the looks you want to have. You should take with you a few other photographs that show you with your worst looks as well because the surgeon should carefully avoid those mistakes that may result in you having such looks.

In a nutshell, clear communication alone can get you the results you want to have. This step is very important and hence, you cannot afford to ignore it nor should you leave the choices of your looks to the cosmetic surgeon. After all, the cosmetic surgeon is offering his services and you are one of his esteemed clients. Hence, you are completely justified in conveying your needs to him and expecting him to fulfill them.

2. Never get complacent by thinking that you have already had a cosmetic surgery and hence, you will continue to look young for ever. This means that you must keep taking a few steps on an annual basis for maintaining your looks. Also, never forget the fact that the cosmetic surgery you underwent is not capable of stopping years from rolling by. So, chances of your skin sagging will continue to remain. You must address these concerns on a regular basis, may be, at least once a year.

For example, the noticeable jowls or your dropped brows may make you look old. You must visit the cosmetic surgeon once a year and he will offer solutions to these problems through appropriate in-office treatments. In other words, you can continue to have fresh looks if you take these periodical steps for maintaining them.

3. Experts suggest that you should start the process of reviving your looks before you attain the age of 40 because the collagen in your system will be young enough to respond appropriately to cosmetic treatments. Not only that, the results you get will last longer also.

4. Most importantly, you must do a proper research before choosing a cosmetic surgeon. Personally visiting the offices of the surgeons you are considering is a good idea. You should check the track-records of the surgeons so you can be certain that you are making the right choice.

5. Some people may need a combination therapy consisting of both non-invasive and surgical procedures. For example, a person may need a surgery in the eye-lids for improving the bags and the sagging skin as well as what is known as the “tear trough” in which an injection is administered under the eyes for removing hollowness and dark circles. You should discuss this aspect also with your cosmetic surgeon.

To summarize, if you keep these points in mind and act accordingly, cosmetic surgery can be a magic solution that can help you maintain

youthful looks.

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