How under the eye fillers can help you get rid of dark circles

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Are you fed up with your dark circles? You can get a solution to this problem with the help of under eye fillers Singapore. Eye fillers are the most effective way to treat dark circles. There could be any reason that can cause dark circles such as stress, inadequate sleep etc. The other factors that can lead to dark circles are the following:-

  1. Hollow eye:-

The hollow eye appearance can be a result of absence of fat lying around the eyeball. The hollow eye can also be inherited. It is usually found in people living in the Central Asian origin.

  1. Visible blue veins:-

There are many people that have visible small blood vessels on their lower eyelid. It gives a blue, dark look to the bottom eyelid.

  1. Thin eyelids:-

The purple color of the eyelid can also be seen clearly because of thin eyelids. When you observe the lower eyelid of anyone’s face, you will find that it is the darkest colored skin on his or her face. It is often seen that the person with very thick skin has brighter lower eyelid.

  1. Eyelid bags or puffy eyes:-

Your skin starts losing its elasticity as you grow older. Thus your lower eyelid will become lax and will not support the normal fat that lies under your eyes. This fat will force the lower eyelid in a forward direction, resulting in a puffy eyed look. It will develop a dark shadow below the bulge.

  1. Pigmentation:-

The brown pigment on the lower eyelid is found in those people who do not use sun block and have excess sun exposure. People with dark skin such as Asian, Hispanic, African American and Arab people are more prone to pigmentation.

  1. Arcus Marginalis Deformity:-

There is a deep depression below the lower eyelid in some people since their childhood. It is usually inherited.

 How do eye fillers work?

The dermal filler injection is used to hide the soft tissue surrounding the eyes to make it less visible. Normally 1 syringe for both the eyes is sufficient for treating dark circles. However, one must keep in mind that this dermal filler will not be helpful in completely removing the dark circles.

Normally, the best and long lasting option to remove these dark circles under the eyes is an eyelid lift surgery. This kind of surgery will remove the current skin. Your own fat can also be utilized if you require a filler agent. It can lift, tighten and reposition your eyelid skin. Tightening the skin will help in improving the overall skin tone. One of the most natural remedies to get rid of dark circles is getting proper sound sleep. It will ensure a healthy amount of blood flow in the body, thus relaxing your body and ultimately decreasing the dark circles. Joyful activities can also be performed, which will reduce your stress and give you the pleasant skin you always aimed for.

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Matchless Body Contouring with CoolSculpting

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When it comes to natural fat reduction, nothing works better than the non-surgical and non-invasive fat reduction processes backed by scientific approval. The process is a simple one-hour pressure cooling under advanced equipments without causing any pain or adverse health risks. Herein is a short guide to CoolSculpting body contouring and its impact on body fat.

What is Fat Freezing or CoolSculpting?

The fat reduction and body shaping process employing Coolsculpting (also called Cryoliplysis) is the most convenient method to get the desired body. This is the only painless and non-invasive FDA approved method for reducing body fat. Within 3 to 4 months from the day of the fat freezing procedure, you will experience visible difference in body shape.

Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Procedure

The procedure is very simple and takes about an hour for each body part. The region with excessive fat bulges is exposed to the cooling equipment for a continued period of time, under the supervision of qualified medical professional. The controlled cooling treatment does not affect the skin area in any way, but targets the fat stores underneath the skin surface.

Ideal Candidate for CoolSculpting or Cryolipolysis

  • Patients with multiple health conditions become extremely resistant to weight loss, even after dieting and exercises. This non-invasive fat loss therapy works great for them without disturbing the present treatment routine and medication.
  • The CoolSculpting process works great in eliminating fat bulges in the thighs, arms, abdomen and other areas.
  • This is a great option for those who want to achieve a trimmer look with better shapes and curves.

Care Measures Before and After the Fat Reduction Treatment

There is no significant preparation required before the surgical procedure. The doctors however advice the patients to keep the body hydrated and stop smoking to gain better results after taking the treatment. After the procedure, there may be minor swelling and redness on the application area. There may be minor discomfort immediately after the treatment session. It is better to take a rest and resume work in about an hour or so.

Reasons to Opt for CoolSculpting Fat Reduction

  • This method is non-invasive, non-surgical and 100% painless
  • No need to allow time for recovery, the clients can resume regular activities immediately after the session
  • Completely safe without the risk of side effects and health hazards
  • Considerable fat loss after the treatment process
  • Better toned body
  • Does not require any pre-medication or precautionary measures

Wrapping Up

Non-invasive fat reduction employing the CoolSculpting body sculpting method is the perfect solution to deal with extreme obesity levels for clients who have problems with regular exercising and other strenuous methods. There is no need to go through painful surgeries that require the patients to allow some resting time for the recovery process. This is an option for those with extremely busy schedules. You can immediately resume your regular activities after the completion of the session. Now achieve the desired body shape with ease and move out with confidence without fearing about the adverse side effects.

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Exilis Treatment

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IYAC, the best aesthetic and anti ageing clinic in Singapore, has been offering the much talked-about Exilis treatment for effective and affordable facial rejuvenation and body contouring. A viable alternative to cosmetic surgery, this non-invasive treatment is used for reducing fat from the neck, face and body and for improving the skin texture with zero downtime.

How it works

A small hand held device is moved over the target area. This device releases controlled heat, which goes deep inside the skin layer and destroys the fat cells and stimulates the production of collagen. The fat cells, which are melted, are removed from your body for good with the help of the lymphatic system. Exilis treatment also stimulates the production of collagen so that your skin looks refreshingly youthful and supple. The treatment is completely painless and comes with almost immediate results. The patient will be able to resume their regular activities almost immediately after a session.

How safe is the process?

Exilis treatment is FDA approved and completely safe. It doesn’t come with any side effects except for mild redness in the skin which dissipates within 1-2 hours.


Just after the completion of one session, the skin is going to look and feel much tighter. The skin tightening effect would enhance after a few sessions. Exilis treatment is not just meant for skin tightening. Lots of people use this treatment for rejuvenating their skin. The release of collagen combined with the tightening effect helps to soften wrinkles and fine lines. Your jaw line and jowls would be immediately reduced after one or two sessions. It is also considered to be an effective non-invasive alternative to face-lifts.

Which areas of the body can be treated?

Exilis treatment can be used on almost all the parts of the body including face, chest, thighs, abdomen, waist, neck, knees and legs. Problem areas like love handles, double chins, sagged jowls can be effective treated by Exilis.

Do I need any special preparation for this treatment?

No special preparation is required except drinking lots of water before the treatment starts. Keeping the body well hydrated is an essential precondition for an effective session.

People experiencing the following problems should consider going for an Exilis Treatment-

  • Droopy eyelids
  • Sagging jaw lines
  • Double chin
  • Marionette lines or the lines round the corner of your mouth
  • Loose neck
  • Flattened cheeks
  • Nasolabial folds or the lines round your nose and mouth.

This treatment is ideal for patients between 30-60 of all skin colours.

You should not go for the Exilis Treatment when:

  • You are pregnant
  • You have a skin disease on your target area
  • You have an electronic device like a pacemaker in your body

A full session lasts for about 90 minutes. Ideally you should avoid the sun immediately after the treatment. On completion of the treatment, you should apply a lot of moisturizers and lotions on the treatment area. The use of a hydrating mask is also highly recommended.

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Reduce Several Inches Within Months of Treatment with Vanquish ME

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Everyone on this earth aspires to have a slim and healthy body and be free from weight-related health issues. In our youth, most of us are able to maintain our weight due to the active lifestyle. But once we start working in an office and responsibilities begin we tend to put on weight as there is little time for leisure or sports activities. So, if you are conscious about weight and related health problems, take time out from regular work to engage in sports, walking, jogging, dancing and the gym on a regular basis.

Problems with beer gut and post pregnancy belly

If you have recently lost several pounds of weight after a long gap through strong exercise regimen and healthy eating then you know how hard it is to get rid of that last few inches of fat. People with a fondness for beer and fizzy drinks have a tough time reducing the little bulge that floats above the belt. Women have that same problem with post pregnancy bulge as loose skin and natural fat refuses to go away. Though there are minimal invasive options to reduce this fat like laser rays and liposuction not everyone is interested in getting anesthetized. So that leaves us with options for reducing stubborn fat without surgery which are by freezing fat cells and melting them so they get ejected out of the body by natural metabolism.

Melting fat cells to reduce beer gut and post pregnancy belly

A new technology called vanquish fat treatment was introduced into the market a couple of years ago which has by now become extremely popular around the nation as it causes no pain and stress during the treatment process. Vanquish uses radio frequency waves to locate fat cells in the body and destroys them without harming skin or surrounding tissue.

Vanquish fat treatment is done by a machine that surrounds the belly region without touching the skin and sends in selective RF waves that heat the abdominal fat at a preset temperature which melt them away without causing any burning to the skin. Each treatment session lasts for 30 minutes and usually 6-8 sessions are required for complete treatment. It does not take more than a month for all the treatment sessions to be completed and it can decrease belly fat by several inches as it targets 60 percent of fat cells in the area and destroys them.

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