Latest Wallpaper Design Trends of 2016

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Wallpapers are trending right now. What began as a bold style statement is finding acceptance into more homes. Like any fashion, wallpaper designs are seasonal. They have been around for centuries. The first appearance of wallpapers was in B.C when the Chinese started to glue rice paper onto the walls. Post which the trend reappeared in France in 1600s with the birth of block printing in continuous pattern. The present day designs are the product of unending evolution. Owing to the advancement in technology and progressive artistic skills, wallpapers have reached a new design crescendo.

Wallpaper design trends of 2016 still retain the feminine floral trends with a few additions. Here are a few wallpaper trends for 2016:

* Power to the flower: Stating with the old that is still new, floral patterns are top choices for wallpaper designs. The scale has increased to large and bold patterns. Still-life and vintage inspired botanicals still remain a favorite choice. They blend with contemporary straight cuts very well.
* Geometric: Geometric patterns from overlapping lines to consecutive circles impart a visually mesmerizing. Large geometric patterns are apt for smaller spaces like bathrooms and foyers. For a more chic look, colors of a single hue can add sophistication to master bedrooms and the living room. Add it to the ceiling if you wish, there is no right way to do art. The top geometric picks for 2016 are weathered geometric and random designs.
* The urban jungle: Animal prints saw a bombastic revival in 2015. If you are dicey on leopard of zebra prints, try the reptilian or ostrich. The number of people whose homes have walls covered in small ostrich motifs will surprise you. Animal motifs add a sense of sophistication and luxury.
* Fine art: If you cannot afford to buy an original Van Gogh, that shouldn’t restrict you from turning a wall into a rendition of the starry night. The advancement in the field of digital printing makes it possible to have wall size portraits or murals in the highest quality.
* Paper that offers a view: No time for a holiday? Fret not; get the holiday into your home. Papers like books offer a temporary mental escape. You can choose from vacation destinations, oversized scenes from a busy street, or the ruins of Pompeii.

There is an endless array of possibilities when it comes to wallpapers. Visit one of the many wallpaper suppliers Singapore and take your pick.

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Wooden Blinds

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pvc wooden blinds

Blinds in the room serve the dual purpose. They decorate the room by covering the windows artistically and allows for customization of air and light from windows. Windows are necessary for the room therefore they should not be closed completely. Covering them with blinds is the perfect option. There are many types of blinds that have conquered the market. Each type of blind has its own advantages. SOFT HOME makes you available with different types of blinds which serve your variety of needs. One such type is PVC wooden blinds. Wooden blinds say a complete no-no to the light and air when they are on. They have many advantages which make them suitable for you. Take a look!

  1. VERSATILE: Wooden blinds come in variety of styles as they are made up of different types of woods. Bamboo blinds increase the beauty of casual room. In formal room such as at commercial places French blinds are the better option. PVC blinds are also a good option when it comes to living room. Thus different types of woods are manipulated to build effective and efficient blinds.
  2. MAINTAIN PRIVACY: One advantage of wooden blinds over other types of blinds is that they offer a complete opaqueness. This means that it completely eliminates the probability to view an interior space from outside. It obliterates the view completely and maintains privacy. Generally the secret rooms at commercial places where the entry is barred go for wooden blinds in those rooms.
  3. EASY TO CLEAN: It is easy to clean the wooden blinds. This is because the slats of these blinds are substantial and strong. They can easily be cleaned with a clean cloth and a cleanser. Water is not recommended for wooden blinds as water can damage the wood. There is no need to remove the blinds as they can be cleaned even while standing on the windows. Thus keep the room hygienic and clean for longer durations.
  4. MINIMUM CARE: The wooden blinds ask for only minimum care and even then they last for years. They do not require any regular maintenance as their strength is maintained depending upon the quality of wood. The painted wooden blinds that go well with the color scheme of your room making them look like a part of wall. Even after years just getting them repainted will revive their perfect look and save huge as there will be no need to buy new blinds.
  5. CUSTOMIZED: wooden blinds are customizable because not everybody has the same size of windows. Therefore there is variety of sizes available in wooden blinds to serve the need of everybody.

The blinds are not everyday investment. It is one time investment that is expected to go for years. Therefore it is necessary that you choose the product which proves worthy to your each penny spent. Visit to choose from wide range of PVC wooden blinds where quality and prices are incomparable. If you are contemplating the purchase of new blinds for your place then wooden blinds are the perfect choice.

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