Find the Ideal Feature Wall that Works for You

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Find the Ideal Feature Wall that Works for You

Looking for ideas is a piece of cake. We could look into any interior designs and find all of them cute, beautiful, or stylish all at one glance. Unfortunately, not everything we find good-looking works for us. This is what beginners in feature wall making tend to overlook and makes them overly-excited about the thought. As fellow beginners, this is what we are going to avoid by taking from the experience of others. Before we begin with the project, it’s vital to know the use of feature walls—when it needs more emphasis and when it becomes overstated.

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First off, let us know about feature walls from an article by Eco Outdoor®.

What Is A Feature Wall?


A feature wall is a wall that adds interest and energy to a room through texture, colour and contrast.


It’s like standing out from the crowd. A feature wall can impact how the space looks and feels, reinforcing your design style and creating visual impact. Read more here


Feature walls of the past stand out because they are painted with bright colors or wallpapered with patterns. During those times, defining style is not that complicated because you can just pick your favorite color, paint one wall side with it and the rest with white. It does seem easy but if you ask yourself, do you really want to decorate everything with your favorite color alone? Think about how many hues are there in a palette and surely you will find a colour you like except for your favorite. Today, feature wall designs have innovated with more blends of colors, textures and even materials.


In this article by Neila Deen, let’s take a look on how much feature walls have evolved over time.


Feature Wall Ideas to Showcase Your Style


You’ve probably heard the term “feature wall,” and your common-sense definition probably isn’t too far off. But what exactly is this wall, and why should you feature it? In a nutshell, it’s one wall that’s showcased in a different color or finish than the other walls in the room — and we have dozens of feature wall ideas for you. Read more here


In case you are not ready to entrust you entire house to a specific color, you might as well give feature wall a shot. If you want to or already committed to have a feature wall, you’ll get everything that goes with it: style, creativity and a strong statement that says that you take your home decorations seriously. That is, if you are able to create a brilliant accent wall—and you are! Accent walls can be fun, classy and modern and what makes them similar is the emphasis it has. Imagine that your feature wall has a megaphone and it says what it wants to say loudly, that’s what it’s all about.


For our last article from Ideal Home, let’s take a look on what statement in feature walls mean.


Feature wall ideas that make a serious style statement


Paint and wallpaper are the most popular and simpler choices for creating a feature wall. Go for contrasting colours and bold designs for impact, or toning shades and muted patterns for a gentler approach. Pick out any featured colours and include them in soft furnishings or accessories so that the feature wall is part of a cohesive design scheme. Read more here


In starting a feature wall, the first step to take is consulting a designer especially when you have doubts with your chosen wall area. Then take an inspiration not just to add drama but to increase your satisfaction rate when it’s done. People nowadays personalize their feature wall with collections—paintings, characters and portraits. Some modernize it with different textures like stones. Designs should harmonize the kind of room you have put a feature wall on like for dining room, living area and bedroom. Each has a certain look that works with.


Any idea could be brilliant and anyone can have a brilliant idea. The thing that we can argue over is whether the scheme works for us or not. For that reason, it also means that feature walls are not gone, clichéd, or out of style. In fact, feature walls have never been gorgeous as it is today. As the saying goes, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ but when it comes to accent walls, beauty is on how well a person can find the right wall side for it and the design comes next. A good interior designer is keen to find a wall that you can feature whether it’s for your bedroom, living room, studies and even outdoors.



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