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How under the eye fillers can help you get rid of dark circles

by on Jan.29, 2017, under Beauty, Dermal Fillers, Fillers

Are you fed up with your dark circles? You can get a solution to this problem with the help of under eye fillers Singapore. Eye fillers are the most effective way to treat dark circles. There could be any reason that can cause dark circles such as stress, inadequate sleep etc. The other factors that can lead to dark circles are the following:-

  1. Hollow eye:-

The hollow eye appearance can be a result of absence of fat lying around the eyeball. The hollow eye can also be inherited. It is usually found in people living in the Central Asian origin.

  1. Visible blue veins:-

There are many people that have visible small blood vessels on their lower eyelid. It gives a blue, dark look to the bottom eyelid.

  1. Thin eyelids:-

The purple color of the eyelid can also be seen clearly because of thin eyelids. When you observe the lower eyelid of anyone’s face, you will find that it is the darkest colored skin on his or her face. It is often seen that the person with very thick skin has brighter lower eyelid.

  1. Eyelid bags or puffy eyes:-

Your skin starts losing its elasticity as you grow older. Thus your lower eyelid will become lax and will not support the normal fat that lies under your eyes. This fat will force the lower eyelid in a forward direction, resulting in a puffy eyed look. It will develop a dark shadow below the bulge.

  1. Pigmentation:-

The brown pigment on the lower eyelid is found in those people who do not use sun block and have excess sun exposure. People with dark skin such as Asian, Hispanic, African American and Arab people are more prone to pigmentation.

  1. Arcus Marginalis Deformity:-

There is a deep depression below the lower eyelid in some people since their childhood. It is usually inherited.

 How do eye fillers work?

The dermal filler injection is used to hide the soft tissue surrounding the eyes to make it less visible. Normally 1 syringe for both the eyes is sufficient for treating dark circles. However, one must keep in mind that this dermal filler will not be helpful in completely removing the dark circles.

Normally, the best and long lasting option to remove these dark circles under the eyes is an eyelid lift surgery. This kind of surgery will remove the current skin. Your own fat can also be utilized if you require a filler agent. It can lift, tighten and reposition your eyelid skin. Tightening the skin will help in improving the overall skin tone. One of the most natural remedies to get rid of dark circles is getting proper sound sleep. It will ensure a healthy amount of blood flow in the body, thus relaxing your body and ultimately decreasing the dark circles. Joyful activities can also be performed, which will reduce your stress and give you the pleasant skin you always aimed for.

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