Ideas for Using Patterned Ceramic Tiles In the Living Room

by on Dec.12, 2016, under Ceramic Tiles, Design, Tiles

Ceramic tiles are natural tiles that are available in a range of colors, motifs and textures. Ceramic tile suppliers in Singapore note that the demand for these tiles has never been higher. They are affordable and easy to lay. They are additionally available in a plethora of patterns minimizing the effort required to create a unique design. 

Here are few design ideas for the living room using patterned ceramic tiles

  • Floral motifs: Ceramic tiles can be printed upon. You can create a unique look by getting an exclusive motif printed on the tile. If you fear that you aren’t an interior decorator with the skills of Elsie de Wolfe, don’t fret — use floral motifs in the living room to create a visual so appealing that it resembles a field in full bloom.
  • Butterfly motifs: If flowers aren’t your thing, look into tiles with gray butterfly motifs. These are contemporary, and blend into any living space. While using these tiles, remember to keep the furniture in neutral tones. Butterfly motif tiles are highly unusual but create a focal point.
  • Distressed floor: The choice of distressed floor is ideal when trying to create an aged look. Rustic floors in different shades add character. Instead of covering the entire living room in these, limit the laying to the center. By doing so, you balance out the strong elements. You can also go in for patterned tiles inspired by the 14th century. These beautiful tiles bring in the nostalgic past, a forgotten era where most of us didn’t exist but have heard great things about.
  • Go Vintage: Everything old is back — from macho beards to typewriters. Ceramic tiles following the same trend are available in designs that are vintage inspired. This idea is an easy solution to infuse a bohemian soul into the living room. Patchwork style of tile laying was quite popular in the past. Keeping with this, patchwork tiles are available as a set. Choosing a set is simpler that picking out individual pieces.
  • Patchwork: Patchwork is again a long forgotten design but with a modern twist. Instead of using strong character tiles with large motifs, plain contrasting colors are arranged to create a visually refreshing look. Patchwork is not limited to alternative black and white to create a chess board; experiment with colors like brown, pink, blue and green.

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